Skill Wiz


Transactions and Corporate finance

Clients may overcome complexity by envisioning their eco-systems, altering their portfolios, and recreating themselves for a brighter future using Strategy and Transactions. Skill wiz Business Consultant Pvt Ltd manages business strategy, capital allocation, and transaction consulting through execution with global connectivity and scale to allow rapid value development. Skill wiz Business Consultant Pvt Ltd facilitates the flow of funds across borders and assists in the introduction of new products and innovations to the market. Through doing so, Skill wiz Business Consultant Pvt Ltd help business to create a better working environment by promoting long-term value.

Key Expertise:
  • Corporate finance
  • Divestment and carve outs
  • Sustainability and ESG services
  • M&A advisory

  • M&A integration
  • M&A technology and tools
  • Capital allocation
  • Value creation. Preservation and recovery